Top Ten Issues Facing Municipal Officers

The Top Ten Issues Facing Municipal Officers was established in 2009 and is used to assist in identifying the most significant best practices. Below is the updated list as voted on by members of the Committee on Canadian Issues at its 2010 meeting in Toronto:

  1. Long-Term Financial Planning/Fiscal Sustainability
  2. Citizen Expectations and Emerging Service Demands vs. Tax and User Fee Levels
  3. Infrastructure Deficit
  4. Economic Situation and Effect on Budgets
  5. Senior Government Intervention, including Regulatory
  6. Senior Government Downloading (e.g., Social Issues and Policing)
  7. Succession Planning, including Attraction and Retention
  8. Service Performance Management
  9. Emerging Technologies
  10. PSAB Initiative

This list was originally published in the spring 2010 edition of Canadian Finance Matters, GFOA's Canadian newsletter.